Mt Wee Jasper VK2/ST-017

This description is part 2 of a three summit one day activation from Tumut. To continue from Tumorrama Hill to Wee Jasper, go back on Lee Archers road for 3.5Km until you meet Fairview road.

At Fairview road turn left and head 800m towards Wee Jasper road.

Turn right at Wee Jaspers road and continue for approximately 17Km to McPhersons Swamp Loop (Swamp Road) road on the right.

Turn right into McPhersons Swamp Loop road and continue for 6.5km till reaching the intersection of Wee Jasper road.

Turn right into Wee Jasper road and continue approximately 1.2Km to Pheasant Creek Rd.

Turn right into Pheasant Creek Rd

Drive along Pheasant Creek Road for approximately 2Km here you should see a track on your left. (Actually this will be the fourth track on the left after entering Pheasant Creek Road)

Turn left into this track, follow for approximately 1Km to a T intersection. The track is very muddy in wet weather use of 4wd is required.

Turn right at the T intersection and follow for approximately 1.8Km a track will appear on your left.

Take the track on your left and follow for 600m where there will be a Y junction.

On your right will be a track into a pine Forrest take this track and follow for 1Km.


There will be a sign in front of you (Hume & Hovell track) the summit  Mt. Wee Jasper VK2/ ST-017 is a short 700m walk from here.  For a more detailed description I suggest reading VK1NAM’s Blog on this summit.


Snow Gum Mountain VK2/SW-28

From Wee Jasper go back approximately 1Km to the intersection, turn left and continue to Pheasant Creek road.

Turn right into Pheasant Creek road and continue approximately 2Km to Wee Jasper road.

Turn right into Wee Jasper road and continue approximately 2.2Km to T intersection.

Turn right and continue approximately 9Km to Nottingham Road.


Enter Nottingham road and continue for approximately 18.5Km via the small hamlet Micalong Creek then a few mountain tops (One of them is High Cone VK2/ST-014 not enough time in one day for this one) finally a cattle grid entering the State Forrest and eventually reaching a point under the power lines near the summit.


Nottingham road continues off to the right at this intersection. There is a track to the left of this sign which takes you to a CAA VOR Communications Site.


Walk around the gate and up the ridge for 800m on the sealed road. The no trespassing or (human) interference refers to the site at the summit. It is an Air Services Australia site containing an operational  VHF Omni Directional Radio Range  There are active antennas on site which would be effected by human interference, the site is fully fenced to keep people out for safety.

(VOR). This is a type of short-range radio navigation system for aircraft, enabling aircraft with a receiving unit to determine their position and stay on course by receiving radio signals transmitted by a network of fixed ground radio beacons. It uses frequencies in the very high frequency (VHF) band from 108 to 117.95 MHz.

Reaching the summit you are greeted by more fencing and signs,  I would recommend not transmitting on 6 or 2m from this site. I operated 40M only from the far rear of the site maintaining a suitable RF safe distance. There is a stump near the rear fence to attach the squid pole.

A nice rock operating position is also nearby.





Satellite Photo of the site


There is also a nearby NDB site on Nottingham road, low frequency low power HF does not effect the VOR.

I hope this information is useful for others.








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