Peak Back Ridge VK2/SM-037

I had been looking at this summit for some time and finally managed to organise a day to make the assent. A small amount of planning was required since there are two river crossings involved. Not wanting to get too wet I decided (after a suggestion from Rod VK2TWR) to acquire some waders.

I met Rod at the old Kiandra Court house off the Snowy Mountains Highway 90Km NW of Cooma. After some equipment swapping between vehicles we headed North on the Snowy Mountains Hwy towards Tumut for 11Km where we met the Bullocks Hill Fire Trail to the right.


Taking the trail we travelled for 1km until reaching the first road gate, which is locked during winter. (May until long weekend in October) We continued on for another 4.7Km to the intersection of the Tantangra Creek and another locked gate. We had to park the vehicle here since this gate is always locked. Ok so now the first challenge, crossing the icy waters of Tantangra Creek.


Time for the waders, (2nd challenge putting them on!) and making sure our packs are well secured. The creek was knee-deep with a reasonable flow and slippery rocks, even with waders the water was very cold on my legs, lucky  it was only a short crossing. Once across the creek we decided to remove our waders, we were not keen on walking the trail wearing them.

Across Tantangra Creek the track turns uphill towards the right and continues 200m to a Y in the road. At this point we took the trail to the left and walked another 1.6Km down to the Murrumbidgee River. There is a river gauging station and flying fox at this point.

We walked along the river bank for 200m until we came to a bend and some shoals , a perfect spot to cross the river directly in front of the ridge heading up to the summit.


Now challenge No.3, putting on wet waders and crossing the Murrumbidgee River. Again we were met with a steady flow and slippery rocks whilst crossing.  This time after crossing the river we decided to leave the waders hanging in a small tree since they would not be required until the return trip. I marked the tree as a waypoint on the GPS just to make sure we would find it again.


Rod could not resist taking this photo of me crossing the Mighty Murrumbidgee!

Once across the Murrumbidgee we followed the ridge up and across to the bottom of the summit about 2Km. This summit is an old volcano and the ridge on the side of the rim is where we were heading for.


Looking from the start of the ridge toward Mt Yarrangobilly in the distance. Then looking at the summit through the scrub.


When we arrived at the top of the summit we were disappointed to find there was a further 2Km walk around the rim to make it to the highest point as indicated on the GPS. At the summit we were greeted with a great view of Blackfellows Hill and Mt Nungar .  We setup the SOTA station, Rod kicked off at 23:50 and I followed at the new UTC day  we contacted 15 chasers each,not too bad for a weekday.


The antenna setup and operating position with the view across to MT Nungar.



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