Snowy Mountains 30 points in one day

I have been travelling the Snowy Mountains Highway and the Tantangara road for many years. Having no previous involvement in SOTA I had not really paid any attention to the summits in the area apart from noticing they were there.  Things are certainly a lot different now days. I seem to find myself looking at every ridge and summit trying to work out if they could be SOTA summits. SOTA is very addictive!  Referring to the VK2/SM  SOTA mapping page there are three summits which can be accessed from the Tantangara Road.  VK2/SM- 027 Mt Nungar, VK2/ SM-033 Blackfellows Hill and VK2/SM-036

I set myself a challenge to try and activate all three in one day. Starting with the hardest first and finishing on the easiest.

VK2/SM-027 Mt.Nungar.

The Tantangara road starts from the Snowy Mountains Highway 71Km from Cooma and 111KM from Tumut.



The road is unsealed and can be quite potholed, however it has recently been graded.


Starting out early I arrived at the Tantangara Road around 7:00Am on a cool but clear day. I drove along the road passing SM-036 and Blackfellows Hill, under the power lines several times until reaching the Tantangara Trail at 13Km from the Snowy Mountains Highway. I decided to leave the vehicle here since there is enough space to safely park off the road.


From here I walked along the Tantangara road for a further 200m where I discovered a walking trail to the right heading towards the summit. My GPS indicated this location as: 35Deg 49.504S and 148Deg 38.820E. This location is 1353 MASL which leaves only 357 vertical metres to the summit! Hi Hi


The track winds up and across the ridge through a mix of wooded area and ground cover, there is a large cleared area on the way up which is a good place to rest. Nearing the summit a small amount of easy rock climbing/ negotiating was required. I managed to arrive at the summit after a leisurely 1 hour 40 min. stroll!


There are two trig markers at the summit, the original laying on the ground and the replacement made of pipe.  View towards Mt. Jagungal in the distance.


A green canister at the summit, it contains visitors log entries. I was happy to make an addition to log right under VK2TWR and VK3PF.




VK2/SM-033 Black Fellows Hill

After descending from Mt. Nungar, I walked back to my vehicle and drove along the Tantangara Road back towards the Snowy Mountains Highway. At 6.3Km on the trip meter (6.7Km in from the Snowy Mountains Highway) I met the trail to “Wares Yard Camp Ground” on my right. Following this trail for 500m I arrived at the camp ground and car park.



Wares Yard Camp Ground. I parked near the gate at the start of the trail.


The start of the trail heading up to Black fellows Hill.

I followed the bridle/MTB trail from the gate in a southerly direction towards a saddle after crossing a small creek. At the saddle the trail turns towards the northwest and climbs towards the summit to the north. As I approached the top of the ridge before turning toward the summit I discovered an old wooden trig, it is about 1KM from the summit. I continued towards the summit and set up near the highest point. I looked for a trig but could not find one.


The shack setup at the summit. Tree stumps make very useful squid pole supports. After activating I descended back down the trail to the car park. Even though this summit is a fairly easy walk about an hour, My legs were starting to let me know I had done enough for the day, so now it was time to head for Tantangara Road and SM-036.


A view of Mt.Nungar from near the summit.


Travelling along the Tantangara Road for 1.6Km from the Wares Yard Camp Ground (5.1Km in from the Snowy Mountains Highway) I saw a track to my left at the top of the ridge heading toward SM-036. There is a yellow road safety sign at the track indicating “S” bends approaching.



This track heads toward the North following the power lines after crossing under the power lines there is a 4wd track heading toward the ridge. I drove to a spot near the summit and walked the rest of the way. There are no trig points here and the summit is about 150m from the top of the track. I operated from the top of the track near some rocks and a fallen tree which is inside the activation zone.


View from the summit and the fallen tree.


After activation I headed back down to the vehicle and drove back to Tantangara Road and home to Tumut. The day was great and 30 points certainly made it all worth while. My legs were tired and I was please I had tackled the hardest summit first up especially when I was rewarded with the easy SM-036 at the end of the day.



4 thoughts on “Snowy Mountains 30 points in one day

  1. Hi Rob, your timing with this post is amazing. I plan to activate SM-033 and SM-036 on Saturday 15 Nov 14 for the VK SOTA Party. Thanks a good read, pictures add value for future activators.
    Andrew, VK1NAM


    • Thanks Andrew
      I have been meaning to write up some of my activated summits in this area to try and encourage more activity. My problem is I am time poor if not activating summits or at work (12hour days) I’m usually attending to home duties. Hope the info is helpful for you. The SOTA party should be a great weekend, I may see if I can head toward the Vic High Country.


      • Hi Rob, I’m interested in the walk time from Wares Yard Camp Ground to the peak of SM-033? It will help with my planning. BTW, the WX forecast is not looking good for Saturday and Sunday.
        Andrew, VK1NAM


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