SOTA Chaser/Activator name sheet and log.

How often have you forgotton a name during a heavy pile up of chasers?  Well for me it happens often,  most liklely old age setting in I guess! Of course there are always the regular chasers and friends one remembers instantly, however sometimes there are those callsigns you just can’t put a name to. Maybe it’s  a new or upgraded call or in the heat of the moment we forget who knows!  Some would say “so what, just ask their name during the contact” True, however I find  the pile up’s and the rhythm of the Summit activation tend to flow smoothly when you know the persons name. It becomes more personal for the contact too.  Obviously I needed a solution to aid my memory, so I just compiled a list of names and callsigns from my activation log sheets. Ok job done, so now I need to record this information for quick recall. I thought of using an electronic device such as an ipad or a tablet maybe the phone. All good but now I would need to carry yet another piece of equipment to the summit and then try to use it whilst operating the radio equipment. Now we are talking about trying to do more than one task simultaniously. Hmmm, my usual operating position balancing the radio on a log or rock, sitting on the ground with a log sheet and clip board trying to write information whilst avoiding march flies and large ants is enough to do!  Ahh its time for some old school technology, enter the good old  double sided laminated name sheet.


As you can see from the images, the SOTA name sheet is just a word document with some tables inserted. (Note: Not all Australian Chasers/Activators are on this list only the ones I have logged) I find the sheet handy for recalling names instantly and easier than trying to operate an additional electronic device during an activation. I also included the recommended Australian SOTA operating frequencies.  The sheet will require updating when new contacts with chasers or activators are made . I often place an astrik in my activator log sheet next to a new contact, then update the SOTA name sheet when I enter the data for the activation, otherwise I write on the SOTA name sheet with a sharpie pen then update the word document, printing and laminating when the need arises.  The SOTA name sheet has been developed for Australian call areas however it could be adapted for other countries or call areas. The file is included here in .doc and .docx format should you wish to modify it for you own use.

SOTA Name Sheet040116 .docx

SOTA Name Sheet040116

Whilst I was making a SOTA name sheet, I decided to make a log sheet too. I managed to fit upto 30 contacts on the sheet, yes I know I’m old school but I do find it easier to write things down when trying to activate a summit.


I am interested in any suggested modifications or  improvements you may have, please feel free to download the documents and make changes as required.

Cheers: Rob

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